Sunday, April 22, 2018

Take C to Disney Land/World

Take C to the Zoo

This was done on April 27th, 2011. Abe brought us with his cousins to the zoo. It was a lot of fun.

Take C to Seaworld

Go to La Push - 1st Beach

This was completed in October of 2009. My sister in law came up after my divorce was final and we went to do a Twilight Tour in Forks and headed to La Push. We enjoyed a fun filled day of travelling and fun times.

Go to La Push and Hike to 2nd Beach

This was done July 2015. My brother and sister in law was here and we had a weekend down at La Push. It was an amazing hike. We had about a 14 story stair climb to go to the beach and to hike back, but other than that it was so breath taking. Definitely one of my favorite memories.

Take C to Ocean Shores

This was completed on June 2016. We camped down at Ocean Shores and went to the Sand Castle Festival. It was a fun family vacation.

Take C to Mount Rainier

This was done June 2017. I do however want to take her again, because when we went it was cloudy and you can't get the full awesomeness unless it is sunny out.

Take C to Mount St. Helens

Achieve my goal weight...

Goal weight is 175.

Marry the man of my dreams

September 22, 2012 I did this... We spent the weekend on Orcas Island and boy was it a magical weekend. We had such a wonderful time and we got married on a ledge on Mount Constitution. It was wonderful.

Buy a house

Go to Northwest Trek

This was done last summer 2018.

I went in halves with Isa's mom to get a membership for all of us to be able to use the Northwest Trek and the Point Defiance Zoo.

We had a great time going through Northwest Trek. It was so fun.

We also went October of 2018 for the Halloween event. That was pretty fun too.

Go to the top of the lighthouse

Watch a sunrise

Swim with dolphins

Swim in the Ocean

I have done this many times... I was from the south and I have swam in the ocean off Louisiana and Florida. But the most memorable one was when we went to Mexico for our nieces wedding. Swimming in Cancun was the best.

Go the Hawaii

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Go on a road trip with Abe

This was done in November 2014. We went to Sacramento to watch Abe's brother get married to his beautiful wife. We drove down on a Thursday night and came home on Sunday. It was a very long drive, but what a wonderful time spent with my husband.

Build sandcastles with my girls

This was done in June 2016 when we went to the sand castle festival at ocean shores. We left the festival and went down to the jetti which is a different part of the beach and less crowd. The boys flew their kites and the girls and I build sand castles. It was a lot fun.

See Kenny Rogers in Concert

Learn to shoot a gun

This was completed last year in 2018 when we purchased our first gun.
I went shooting with my husband once.

Enjoy dinner at the Melting Pot

Abe and I went to dinner here in 2015 and it was fun. Very expensive for what it was, but it was good and we had a fun time.

Visit the Great Barrier Reef

Graduate from college

I finally graduated college on June 12th, 2009. I got my associates degree in business administration. Talk about a rough ending. I finished my last year with a 1 year old and boy that was very hard. I worked full time as well and raised my kiddo while going to school full time. I was super tired the whole time. But I graduated with honors and boy am I am so proud of myself.

Hike in the rainforest

This was completed on June 26, 2015. My brother and his wife came up and we hiked to the Sol Duc Falls on our way to La Push Beach. What an amazing adventure. It was beautiful and I will definitely do it again one day.

Donate blood

This was completed in 2014.

Visit the Grand Canyon

Dig for clams

See Casting Crowns in concert

Visit the Capital Building

Visit the Statue of Liberty

Visit the White House

Visit the Lincoln Memorial

Do the 3 day walk for Breast Cancer

Visit Niagara Falls

Read all of Nicholas Spark's books

This has been done as of 2018.

See the Northern Lights

Travel the Whidbey Island Scenic Isle Way

Go snorkeling

Stay in a cabin at Mount Rainier

Get a passport and explore

I got my first passport in 2014. We went to Mexico July 10th, 2014 for his niece's wedding. It was the most crazy ridiculous vacation we have ever been on, but we managed to survive and have hilarious stories to tell now.

Buy a punching bag

Make a quilt out of C's old clothes

I have this part way done. I have all her clothes cut out and on their own square. I just have to sew them together and then sew each square together and then put the back on. I am so excited for it to be done.

Explore a cave in Washington State

Stay in a beach house

This was done in June of 2015. We took a road trip with my brother Derrick and his wife. We went to La Push Beach. We stayed in this incredible ocean front beach house and it was amazing. What wonderful memories.

Visit Bora Bora

Go bowling with the kiddos

This was done in January of 2016. My best friend and I took the kids to bowl using our groupon we had. We had a blast.

Bring C to build a bear

This was done right after C turned 4 for her birthday. It was more expensive than I thought it was, but it was fun.

Have a candle lit dinner...

Abe did this for me for our 1st anniversary together after we started dating. He had his cousin come to our house and prepare a home cooked meal... His cousin is a chef, so it was a little more elegant than anything I could have ever done. We had a gorgeous salad, crab cakes, leg of lamb and a chocolate bowl with amaretto ice cream inside. It was wonderful.

Visit the Caribbean

Watch the girls graduate college

Visit the Colosseum in Rome

Read the complete works of William Shakespeare

This was done between 2000 and 2005.

Buy a newer car

This was done on May 4th, 2017. We were able to get me a 2017 Mazda CX-5. I am absolutely in love with it.

Donate hair

I have done this many times. I let it grow out and then cut it to donate it. It feels good to be able to do something nice for someone else.

Ride in a helicopter

Buy a house in Louisiana

Travel Highway 101

Visit the ice museum

Get a matching tattoo with my best friend


I started volunteering with MOPS in 2012. In 2015, I joined MOPS International as a ministry coach and this past year I became a community coach. I enjoy it more than I ever imagined I would. I absolutely love it.

Visit Mount Rushmore

Name a star after our kiddos

Enjoy a picnic with my kiddo

This was done during the summer when my best friend was watching the kiddo. I met them one day for lunch and it was a lot of fun.

Visit the pyramids

Go sailing

This was done in 2011. My husband has gone sailing many times with co-workers and one of those times he took me with him. We went as the sun was setting and boy was it beautiful. It was a really cool experience.

Take C to the circus

This was done in 2011. We went to the circus with Isa's mom, Isa and Abe. It was a lot of fun.

Go on a spa weekend away with one of my friends

Visit the Space Needle

This has been done many times.

I went with my dad in 2000 or 2001.
I went with my cousin Emily in 2006.
I went with  my niece Michelle in 2012.
We went to the needle also for a wedding reception, but we did not go up to the top this time.
And then I went with my brother Derrick and sister n law Heather sometime after 2012.

Take C on a trail ride

This has been done a few times. We always went to my best friend's mom work picnic. They take a train ride back and forth from the different area's of the park. We have rode this train many times. We also took the Sounder train once to go into Seattle with some friends for a day of fun.

Visit Seattle Underground

Visit Ireland

Go whale watching

Visit Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle

Ride in a Limo

This was done July 13, 2013. We rented a limo for my friends bachlorette party. Our driver's name was Ricky and man he was an amazing driver. He was very nice and made sure we got home safely. It was a fun night.

Stay at a Bed and Breakfast

Visit every lighthouse in Washington State

Admiralty Head - 

Alki Point - 

Browns Point - 

Burrows Point - 

Cape Disappointment - Abe and I visited this one on May 17, 2014 during his birthday weekend to Long Beach. It was amazing. 

Cape Flattery - 

Cattle Point - 

Destruction Island - 

Dofflemeyer Point - 

Ediz Hook - 

Gray's Harbor - I have seen this one many times. 

Lime Kiln - 

Marrowstone Point - 

Mukilteo - I saw this one on July 29, 2010. 

New Dungeness - 

North Head - I visited this one on May 17, 2014. 

Patos Island - 

Point No Point - 

Point Robinson - I visited this one with my parents on July 16, 2018. It was such a great experience to see one with my parents. 

Point Wilson -

Slip Point - 

Smith Island - 

Turn Point - 

West Point - I have been to this one before as well. I have never gone up it, but I have seen the outside of it. 

Visit every state in the US

Alabama - Drove through on my way to Florida. 

Alaska - 

Arizona - 

Arkansas - 

California - This was done in 2014. We drove from Washington to Sacramento, CA to watch our brother get married. It was one long car ride, but an amazing adventure with my hubby. 

Colorado - 

Delaware - 

Florida - I have been here many times. 

Georgia - 

Hawaii -

Idaho - 

Illinois - 

Indiana - This was done in 2014. We drove from Kentucky to a Walmart in Indiana. 

Iowa - 

Kansas - 

Kentucky - 2014 this was completed when I went to MOMcon. 

Louisiana - I lived here for 19 years of my life. This is my first home!

Maine - 

Maryland - 

Massachusetts - 

Michigan - 

Minnesota - I have only landed here for a layover flight. 

Mississippi - I drove through this state on the way to Florida and on the way to Tennessee. 

Missouri - 

Montana - 

Nebraska - 

Nevada - 

New Hampshire - 

New Jersey - 

New Mexico - 

New York - 

North Carolina - 

North Dakota - 

Ohio - 

Oklahoma - 

Oregon - I drove through this state to get to California and on our way back we stayed in Portland for the night. 

Pennsylvania - 

Rhode Island - 

South Carolina - 

South Dakota - 

Tennessee - Went to visit my Aunt Ruth once. 

Texas - I have been here too many times to count. 

Utah - 

Vermont - 

Virginia - 

Washington - I currently live here and this is my 2nd home. I have been here since 1999. 

West Virginia -

Wisconsin -

Wyoming -